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Welcoming New Sunday school Program

K- 12 Yr. Sunday School Info


New Saturday Bible Study With Nate Tritch
In the Vine Recovery "Life with Jesus Christ " (Overcoming addictions) with Bible study (Nate Tritch Leading Bible Study)

Saturday @ 11:30 AM


Nursery is now excepting your little ones for fun in the nursery while mom and dad commune with God in Sunday service.  

We are looking for two volunteers to help staff the nursery. Sign-up sheet each Sunday will be at the back of the sanctuary.   


New Service Times Schedule:

9:30 am - Bible Study, Sunday School & Youth
10:30 am – Contemporary Worship Service


TV sermon Schedule:


Coming Back Soon

Have you got a minute?

It’s a question that you’ve heard before. It’s a question that revolves around time—but not just time: Your time.

When you think about the time you have in your day, it’s easy to be reminded of the things that fill up your day: Going to work, making and returning phone calls and emails, dropping the kids off and picking them up from school, going to games, having a doctor/dentist appointment, going to meetings, cleaning the house, cooking the meals, spending time with family and friends and walking the dog!

It reminds me of a woman named Martha. Go ahead and open up to Luke 10:38-42 with me.

In Luke 10, “Martha opened her home to Jesus.” (vs. 38) But while Martha’s sister, Mary spent time listening to Jesus, Martha didn’t. She was too “distracted by all the preparations that had to be made.” (vs. 40) When Martha shares her frustrations with Jesus, his response is this: “Martha, Martha. You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (vs. 41-42)

One thing is needed. That one thing is better than anything else: more so than deadlines, paperwork and cleaning. That one thing will never be taken away from you. It’ll make a difference in your day. Mary got it. Martha was learning. What about you?

Go ahead and look at your schedule. Do you make time for what is needed? Spending time with Jesus is always beneficial. It’ll be one of the greatest uses of the time that God has given to you. Spending time with Jesus is one of the biggest blessings of your day whether you realize it or not. And no matter how cruel, sad or frustrated your day(s) might be, you’ll always have Jesus.

Spend some time with him. How about now? Look in His Word, spend time with Him in prayer. And see how your day and your time are influenced by that time with our Lord.

And if you still have a minute after that, please take some time to check out our website. See what we’re about and who we are. If you have any questions, please contact us. But even better, come by and visit us. Together we’ll spend our time learning more about and praising our God who not only gave us our time and days but He also gave us His Son, Jesus Christ!

To God be the glory!





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